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Who we are...

We are the SoSi-Modding team, and we have been focusing on creating modifications for Farming Simulator for almost 2 years now. Our team consists of people for different processes in the production process of a modification. From 3D graphic designers to 2D graphic designers and in gaming.

How it all started...

In March 2020 SoSi-Modding was founded, by our two owners Benny and Fackel. Already in August 2020 SoSi-Modding had reached the 500 subscribers, this was a step in the success story of SoSi-Modding. In the rest of 2020 alone, SoSi-Modding was able to reach 1000 subscribers on YouTube. SoSi-Modding made a name for itself in the LS19 fire scene. This was also made possible because we have a good connection with YouTuber B3nny for a long time, and he supports us at all times and of course we also support him with new mods. In the spring of 2021, more precisely on March 17, 2021, there was the “SoSi-Modding v2”. This was implemented because SoSi-Modding has changed so much in 2021 alone, which is also to thank the community. To the “SoSi v2” all old mods were taken offline. At the “release” of SoSi v2, there was a pack of vehicles for LS19 at that time, and that was a Magirus KLF, Ziegler TLF4000, Suzuki Jimny 2019 & Rosenbauer RT. In August 2021 came a highlight for SoSi-Modding, the Mittelberg Map by SoSi-Modding for the LS19 was finally released. This map with its uniqueness helped SoSi-Modding to build some reach as well. Since November 2021, we have specialized in tinkering mods with the usual quality for the LS22.

We also thank you, the community, for making this possible.



Founder & Ingaming


Founder & 3D graphic designer



2D- & 3D graphic designer


Mapping, Community-Manager


Mapping & Building construction

SoSi-Modding Team


3D graphic designer