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Why Mittelberg?

What is so special about the Mittelberg map, compared to other maps?

  • A completely new and complex street system
  • Walkable (Emergency) Stations
  • Many missions
  • Many construction sites
  • Interactive objects (e.g., BMA (Fire alert) & siren alarm)
  • A highway around the whole map

Mods needed

To experience the full fun of the game and all its features, you still need the following mods:


If you have a problem or questions about the Mittelberg map, we offer you some ways to solve them:

  • Added railing on the door in the store
  • Gates of the forwarding agency increased
  • Spotlights at the police changed
  • New purchase station to place
  • New information cards
  • Added missing door at the hospital
  • Collision in the city center fixed
  • Corona barrier at the city hall fixed
  • Floating signs and lanterns fixed
  • Naming in the garbage bag system fixed
  • Collision of the construction site at the fire station and at the highway fixed
  • Car in the curb at the service area fixed
  • Floating oil decal at landslide removed
  • Traffic trigger added at the canal
  • Lights (building yard, THW, police) fixed

Unfortunately, the maps are not supported on your device. Please reopen this page on a larger screen to view the overview maps.

Fire department
Building yard Mayer
Rescure station
Volunteer fire department
ADAC Air rescue
THW station

Warning triangle—construction site
Accident symbol—operation (technical assistance)
Fire—operation (fire)
Bomb—Mission (Bomb)

Credits: SoSi-Modding

Neroxc – Mapbuilding, buildings and small things
Janni 1101 – Mapbuilding
Nick 98-1 – Signs and barriers
Ifko[nator] – ChangeModTitle, AddStoreCategory, I3DLoadingFix, RenderElement
RWModding – Barbed Wire Fence Kit
tn47 + TWD Rick Black Label – speedlight script
TopAce888 – stone walls, metal gates, fences
MXND – Crash car
LS-Modcompany – GlobayCompany
IWMM – Petro Farm Gas Station