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As you may have noticed, we have completely redesigned and restructured our website. The new SoSi modding website has many new, useful functions. As an example, this page is now bilingual (this means that the page is available in German & English), and there is now a switchable DarkMode. The changes in detail will be listed further on this page!

We look forward to your feedback on the new SoSi modding website!

Changes in detail

  • Dark Mode – The site now has an optional Dark mode, which can be activated at the bottom right.
  • New Download System – The new download system allows us to tune our mods more easily now. (The old URL addresses are redirected to the new URLs)
  • New layout – The website has a more modern design, more work has also been done with the SoSi modding colors.
  • New reference page – The reference page has been redesigned and has new images
  • New Contact Page – Contacting the SoSi Modding Team is now easier using a contact form.
  • New About Us Page – The About Us page (formerly Team Page) has been redesigned
  • New Partners Page – We have a new Partners Page. On this are now (if available): Instagram, YouTube, Discord and the respective website linked.
  • New support system – If you need support, this is now solved via a new support system. In

Friday, 16 December 2022