Modding Tutorials for Vehicles (only german)


Just follow the steps listed below to install mods for the FS22:

1. Download a mod from e.g. SoSi-Modding.com or the Modhub. As a result, in most cases there is now a ZIP file of this mod in your “Downloads” folder.
2. Navigate to: Documents -> My Games -> FarmingSimulator2022 -> mods
3. Now go back to the Downloads folder
4. Right click on the ZIP file -> cut
5. Then go back to the mods folder that you called up via the path mentioned in 2
6. Now right-click again -> paste
7. Now you can start the LS22, select a savegame and activate the mod in the mod selection
8. Now the downloaded mod should work properly.

With these steps you can activate the console, which gives you the opportunity to execute various commands, e.g. B. To fly and turn off the HUD:

1. The game should be closed
2. Navigate to: Documents -> My Games -> FarmingSimulator2022
3. Open the “game.xml” with e.g. Windows Notepad or Notepad++
4. Change the “false” to “true” in the <controls>false</controls> entry
5. Now save the file and close it
6. Now you can start the LS22 again and open the console with ^, press ^ again to type in a command and a third time to close it again

With these steps you can activate the extended console, e.g. to be able to cheat money.

Steam version:
1. Right-click on the FS22 in the Steam library
2. Then select “Properties”.
3. Enter “-cheats” in the start options

GIANTS/DVD version:
1. Right-click the FS22 desktop shortcut
2. Put a space behind the game path and the quotation marks in “Target” and then write “-cheats”.
3. Click on “Apply” and then on “OK”.

How to activate the blue light reflections:

1. Click on “Options” in the main menu of the FS22
2. Click on the “Display Settings” tab on the left
3. Click on “Advanced graphics settings” at the bottom of the screen
4. Find and toggle “Realistic Beacons” to “On”
5. Click on “Apply”

1. Go to the Community Skins page and click “Download” on any skin
2. Download the skin from the respective download hoster
3. Download the original mods, which you can find in our download area
4. Unpack the original mod with e.g. 7-Zip
5. Check which skin files you downloaded and paste them in place of the original ones
6. Pack the mod back into a zip file